Here at Loftus Property services in Gloucestershire we always recommend that landlords keep their properties in shape, keeping their investments strong, keeping tenants happy and also ensuring small issues don’t become big disasters!
Here are our top 6 tips:
1) DIY or management
DIY repairs are find but do you want the hassle, can you do the job properly and will it actually cost you more. For example here at Loftus Property Management we have specialists who can repair and maintain properties quickly and cost effectively meaning you don’t have to worry about the hassle or time, and you know its been done by a professional too giving you peace of mind.
2) Make checks before tenancies begin
In order to avoid disputes at the end of tenancies always check properties thoroughly ensuring any issues are documented and signed for by all parties.
3) Arrange regular inspections
Arranging regular inspections with your tenant ensures that you can keep an eye on the continuing standard of the property, whilst ensuring any issues are dealt with quickly and simply keeping the tenant happy and the property up together.
4) Educate your tenants
When a new tenant arrives give them all the relevant information to ensure they are aware what they need to know whilst living in the property.
– Give an information pack detailing maintenance requirements and contact details
– Let them know where the fuse boards and stop cocks are
– Ensure they air the property in summer and heat it in winter
– etc
5) Early intervention
Repairing and maintaining faults and issues at the earliest possible stage stops problems from growing which will cost more money or becoming a very big issue.
6) Know the fire safety laws.
Its your responsibility to educate yourself on this. Here is a great start –
If you are looking for a business to manage your property maintenance needs then look no further than Loftus Property Services in Gloucester …. we’d love to help!

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